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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Using Pens for Penmanship: Why Pencils Are Evil

Okay, pencils are not evil. But they are not the best choice for children to use when writing for school work, as Andrew Pudewa (Institute for Excellence in Writing) deftly argues in his article, "Convert . . . to Pens!"

I am so glad I read his article before beginning penmanship with Katherine. While he applies his argument mostly to the use of pens for writing composition, his points about avoiding erasing, increasing visibility, and ergonomic concerns apply at least equally well to introductory penmanship lessons. Read for yourself and be converted!

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  1. That's very clever. I am one of those people whose hand easily tires and I am VERY picky about pens as a result. Did not ever think of applying that to children though! I imagine that would make a HUGE difference for Mary. Granted, I don't think it mattered with Lucy, who has very good fine motor skills. I'll have to use this trick with Edmund. Happy Homeschooling!